Aydana and Joseph are a lovely couple from Amsterdam. They go outside the city whenever they have time to admire breathing landscapes, putting aside their worries. No wonder they chose Amsterdam’s cherry park as the desired location for their spontaneous couple photo session and booked me for an authentic couples photoshoot in cherry blossom park.

Aydana and Joseph were looking for a creative couples photographer in Amsterdam who would make their wish come true, depicting them in vibrant couple pictures in cherry blossom. They wanted to get atmospheric couple photos that would transcend through the years and bring them back in time to the day of the photoshoot and their young lives. I happily agreed to host this unstaged couple photo session in such a romantic and atmospheric place.

The blossom park, located in the southern part of the Amsterdamse Bos, is home to 400 blooming cherry trees and is one of the most gorgeous Sakura parks in the Netherlands! Cherry trees in Amsterdam’s park bloom from the end of March till mid-April, attracting visitors from all over the country annually.

This park is a popular springtime attraction, perfect for romantic couple’s photography sessions in cherry blossom. Aydana and Joseph were lucky to catch the moment of lush bloom that looks unbelievably stunning in the photographs. The couple was amazed by the surrounding beauty, expressing their sincere emotions in front of the camera. The photoshoot in cherry blossom was an unforgettable photography experience for Aydana and Joseph.

This romantic couple photoshoot in Amsterdam’s cherry blossom park resulted in atmospheric couple images depicting tender feelings and overwhelming emotions. Capturing Aydana and Joseph in intimate couple photography in cherry blossom was a fun and creative photography experience!

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