Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions describe the entirety of all agreements between the photographer and the client.

‘Photographs’ include pictures, images, negatives, raw files, digital scans, designs, artworks, paintings, montage drawings, engravings, or any other item which may be offered for reproduction. ‘The photographer’ (otherwise known as Rudenko Photography) is the author of the photographs. ‘The client’ is the party (individual or organization) for which the photoshoot is rendered.

The client must pay a deposit of €100 to the photographer to book the photoshoot on the client’s desired date and timeslot. The client won’t expect the photographer to reserve a date and timeslot before the photographer has received the deposit amount.

Remaining Amount
The client must pay the remaining amount to the photographer on the day of the photoshoot. The client won’t expect the photographer to initiate the editing process before the photographer has received the remaining amount.

Travel Costs
The photographer does not charge travel costs for photoshoots in Amsterdam. For photoshoots outside of Amsterdam, the client pays a fixed amount of €50.

The client is at all times responsible for complying with venue-specific rules and for fulfilling any venue-related expenses.

The client will ensure that a meal is provided to the photographer during photoshoots lasting 6 hours or longer. If there is no possibility to provide the photographer with a meal, the client agrees that the photographer will pause the photoshoot and, if necessary, will leave the venue to purchase and consume a meal.

The photographer shall be the exclusive photographer retained by the client for the photoshoot. The client will request all attendees not to interfere with the photographer’s duties and refrain from taking flash photographs for optimal image exposure.

The photographs are edited at the photographer’s discretion. The photographer reserves the right to edit and release only those photographs deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards. Delivered photographs may not include all photographs shot.

The photographs provided by the photographer will reflect the featured portfolio’s artistic style and high standards. The photographer cannot guarantee the exact color matching of the photographs due to differences in calibration between displays.

Promotion and marketing
By booking the photoshoot, the client gives the photographer permission to feature the photographs online and offline for promotional, and marketing purposes and to crop, alter, or combine the photographs with fictional texts or visuals. Checking the option ‘Don’t feature’ during checkout ensures that no photographs will be featured for the above-mentioned purposes. The ‘Don’t feature’ costs are €50 on top of the photoshoot price. The photographer retains ownership of and copyright over all photographs produced by the photographer at all times.

Ownership and Copyright
Ownership of and copyright over all photographs produced by the photographer shall remain with the photographer. For third parties, excluding the client and the photographer, it is illegal to copy, scan, reproduce, or feature the photographs both offline and online without the photographer’s written permission. Violators will be subjected to civil and criminal penalties.

To preserve the cinematic quality of the photographs, no watermarks are applied by the photographer. The client, therefore, commits to credit the photographer while featuring the photographs online and offline.

Failure to Perform
The client and the photographer agree to respectful collaboration to achieve the best possible results. Due to the limited and subjective nature of a photoshoot, the photographer cannot be held responsible for the lack of coverage due to weather conditions, scheduling complications due to the lateness of individuals, and venue restrictions. The photographer is not responsible for lost photo opportunities due to interference caused by other cameras or flashes, the clients’ lateness, or other principles. The photographer will not be held accountable for not photographing specific individuals if the client cannot assist the photographer with identifying or gathering these individuals for photographs. The photographer is not responsible if the client or key individuals fail to appear or cooperate during the photoshoot or for missed photographs due to details not revealed to the photographer.

Garments and Decorations
The photographer cannot be held responsible for damage to garments and decorations due to environmental events. The client is responsible for arranging personal assistance for garments.

Force Majeure
The photographer shall have no further liability concerning the agreement in case the photographer is unable to perform the agreement due to death, severe unexpected illness or injury, government-mandated obligations, transportation disruptions, natural disasters, terrorist activity, civil or political unrest, pandemic, travel restrictions, safety, and security threat advisories, changes to visa or passport requirements. This limitation of liability shall also apply if the photographs are damaged, lost through camera or memory card malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without the fault on the photographer’s part.

Cancellations and Reschedules
Cancellations and reschedules are subject to the cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Personal Data
The processing of personal data is subject to the privacy policy.

The use of cookies is subject to the cookie policy.

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Please, regularly check these terms and conditions to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out in case of any questions with regards to the applicable terms and conditions:

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