Check out this FAQ page to learn more about my approach, what to expect from your photo session, and practical information regarding cancellations and reschedules.

Amsterdam Photographer FAQ


What packages do you offer?
I offer the following photoshoot packages:

Couple Photoshoot
- 30 vivid couple photos
- 1 hour couple photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €350

Family Photoshoot
- 40 vibrant family photos
- 1 hour family photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €400

Wedding Photoshoot
- 60 cinematic wedding photos
- 1 hour wedding photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 20 working days
- €500

Solo Photoshoot
- 20 quality portraits
- 1 hour portrait photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €300

Group Photoshoot
- 50 unstaged group photos
- 1 hour group photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €450

Business Photoshoot
- 40 professional business photos
- 1 hour business photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €400

Analog Photoshoot
- 20 digitized b/w film photographs
- 1 hour analog vintage photo session
- Downloadable gallery in 10 working days
- €250

All packages include €25 print credit you can use in your gallery store to have your favorite photos professionally printed in quality prints.

You can tailor your photoshoot to your preferences during checkout.

What is your availability?
The calendar shows my actual availability. Feel free to choose any open slot that suits you.
How do I book?
Seamlessly book your photoshoot by choosing a package and completing your checkout:
  1. Choose the date, start time and duration
  2. Share your story and ideas
  3. Complete the checkout

How can I pay?
To book your photoshoot on your desired date and time, a deposit of €50 is required. You can seamlessly transfer the deposit via the following payment methods:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Ideal

After the photoshoot, you can pay the remaining amount with a secure payment link. The unedited photos are upload to your gallery for selection once the remaining amount is received.

How do I use a gift card?
The photoshoot gift card contains a unique code you can apply during checkout under the voucher code tab. The photoshoot gift card will automatically settle the total booking amount.
Do you charge travel costs?
I don't charge travel costs for photoshoots in Amsterdam. The travel costs for photoshoots outside Amsterdam (e.g. Keukenhof or Zaanse Schans) are €50.


Will I receive tips and guidance?
Absolutely! You will experience an at ease approach and receive tips and guidance, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your photoshoot without worrying about posing for the camera.
Will you map out a picturesque route?
Definitely! Based on the ideas you share in your booking, I will carefully map out a picturesque photo route through multiple iconic locations.
How about make-up, hairdo, and outfits?
Feel free to change outfits during the photoshoot! I will share helpful outfit suggestions to help you get the most out of your authentic photo session.

Whether you choose to have your make-up and hairdo done is entirely up to preference.

Can I bring my pet?
Of course! Being photographed together with your pet is a fantastic idea! Just in case you wondered, no additional costs will be charged.
Can I extend my photoshoot?
Certainly! Since I host multiple photoshoots during the day, I recommend that you align on any extensions in advance.
What if I am late?
Please, be on time.

If you are late for up to 30 minutes, we will continue with the photoshoot for the remaining time.

If you are late for more than 30 minutes, the photoshoot will be canceled, and your refund will be reduced with the €50 deposit.

photographer in amsterdam
Amsterdam Photographer FAQ


How many photos will I get?
The number of photos we will jointly craft depends on the type of photoshoot:

- Couple: 30
- Family: 40
- Wedding: 60
- Solo: 20
- Group: 50
- Business: 40
- Analog: 20

You can buy additional photos if extra were taken during your photoshoot.

Extending your photoshoot adds more photos to your package; see the 'Package' tab for details.

Can I select the photos for editing?
Sure! I'll upload all your unedited photos to your gallery and send you a secure email link to select the ones you want me to edit.
Do you provide unedited photos too?
No. Unedited photos don't reflect the featured portfolio and are never provided.
Can I get the photos sooner?
Your edited photos will be ready to download in your gallery within 10 working days* after selecting your favorites.

Want them sooner? Choose 'Priority Editing' during checkout, and they'll be available in 5 working days.

*Wedding photos take 20 working days, but with 'Priority Editing,' you'll get them in 10 working days.

Please note that during the high season, all photoshoots may have slightly longer waiting times.

Can I have the photos professionally printed?
After your photos are ready, you can easily download, share, or have them professionally printed directly from your gallery.

When printing your favorite photos, select from various options like quality prints, authentic wooden frames, colorful canvases, handmade lay-flat photobooks, elegant greeting cards, stylish calendars, and more!

All products come with free express courier delivery. Your gallery also offers a user-friendly design tool for creating custom designs. Plus, remember to use the €25 print credit included in your photoshoot package.

Can I choose not to have the photos featured?
The resulting photos can be featured in my portfolio, for example, on Instagram or website.

Don't want the resulting photos featured? Choose 'Don't Feature' during checkout.


What happens if it rains?
We can reschedule your photoshoot or move it indoors if it rains heavily. Light rain is not an issue; bringing a stylish umbrella adds that unique Dutch vibe to your photos.
Can I reschedule my photoshoot?
You can reschedule your photoshoot within 24 hours of booking or up to 14 days before your photoshoot is scheduled to start. In all other circumstances, an additional deposit of €50 will be required to book your photoshoot on a new date and timeslot.
Can I cancel my photoshoot?
To receive a full refund, cancel within 24 hours of booking or up to 30 days before your photoshoot is scheduled to start. In all other circumstances, the full refund is reduced with the deposit amount of €50.
How do I cancel or reschedule?
Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be submitted by e-mail at No rights can be derived from requests that have not been made by e-mail.
When will I be refunded?
You will be refunded within 5 working days of processing your cancellation or rescheduling request. The time it takes for the refund to be credited depends on the used payment method.
What are the terms and conditions?
Visit the following page for an overview of the applicable terms and conditions:
reschedule or cancel photoshoot

Was your question not listed on this FAQ page? Feel free to reach out, and you will receive a response in no time!

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