Couple Photographer


Proposal / Lovestory / Elopement / Engagement / Pre-wedding / Anniversary

20 vivid couple photos

1 hour couple photo session

Downloadable gallery in 1 working day

€25 discount on prints

€250 (VAT included)


Extending your photoshoot adds more photos to your package

+ 10 vivid couple photos

+ €125 (VAT included)


You can download extra photos created during your photoshoot

+ €7 per extra photo

Atmospheric Couple Portraits by a Professional Amsterdam Couple Photographer

As a cinematic couple photographer in Amsterdam, I capture the unique essence of each couple’s journey. The early days of your relationship brim with infectious enthusiasm and intimate moments. I focus on natural portraiture during your romantic photo session to preserve the freshness and warmth of your love. Consequently, every photograph becomes a timeless reminder of the excitement and affection that define your beginning together. Furthermore, let’s immortalize these fleeting moments, so you can relive them whenever you look at your beautifully crafted portraits.

Capture Your Engagement with Candid Couples Photography

Engagement marks the beginning of a commitment journey, often starting with a surprise marriage proposal. These pivotal moments are emotional and deserve crystal-clear capturing. As your Amsterdam couple photographer, I meticulously plan and prepare to document your proposal with utmost clarity and creativity. I capture every aspect of your pre-wedding experience, from nervous anticipation to joyous acceptance. Additionally, these images celebrate your commitment and start a new chapter in your love story, perhaps even leading to an intimate elopement.

Choosing the Perfect Backdrop for Your Romantic Lovestory

Amsterdam offers myriad stunning locations perfect for your couple portrait session. Picture yourselves intertwined in love on iconic Amsterdam bridges or walking hand-in-hand along quaint, lamp-lit canals. Whether it’s a dynamic rooftop bar or a relaxed local café, each setting reflects a facet of your relationship. Moreover, as your creative couple photographer in Amsterdam, I find locations that resonate with your personalities and relationship, ensuring the photos genuinely reflect your bond.

Escape to Scenic Couple Photoshoot Locations in the Netherlands

For couples dreaming of a getaway shoot, the Netherlands’ diverse landscapes offer enchanting adventures for your photo session. From Zaanse Schans’ rustic windmills to Noordwijk’s serene beaches, each site provides a unique backdrop. The vibrant tulip fields near Keukenhof and lush Sakura parks offer picturesque scenes for vivid couple photography. Similarly, these locations provide beautiful settings and memorable experiences, enhancing the joy and connection in your authentic couple portraits.

Creative Tips for a Seamless Couple Photography Session

Preparing for your couple photoshoot involves more than selecting a location. Choosing outfits that complement each other in style and color enhances the harmony in your photos. As your experienced couple photographer, I advise on outfits that reflect your personal style while blending beautifully together. During the photo session, I make sure you feel at ease and enjoy every moment. Whether you prefer posed portraits or candid shots, I focus on capturing your genuine interactions and spontaneous joy. Thus, this approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable photography session.

Enjoy a Tailored Couple Photography Experience in Amsterdam

Every couple’s journey from a surprise proposal to the moments before marriage is full of unique stories and emotions. As a top-rated couple photographer in Amsterdam, I capture these significant milestones with creativity and sensitivity. My approach is more than taking photos; it’s about creating an experience you will cherish. Together, we will explore Amsterdam’s beauty, finding perfect spots that resonate with your love story. This ensures the couple photos we create are not just images but memories imbued with emotion and meaning. Additionally, this personalized photography experience guarantees that your couple’s photoshoot will be as unique as your love story itself.

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