Nils and Vivian are newlyweds from Sweden that celebrated their honeymoon in Amsterdam. They always dreamt of spending a couple of days together in the Dutch capital, fully enjoying each other’s company and the romantic atmosphere of its cozy streets.

Nils and Vivian wanted their long-awaited honeymoon captured in timeless couples’ photographs. Having their dream come true, the easygoing couple booked me as a photographer to host their couple’s honeymoon photoshoot in Amsterdam! I easily agreed to host a spontaneous couples photography session for this amazing couple as it’s always a great pleasure to capture loving hearts in timeless photographs!

This vibrant outdoor couple photo session took place in Amsterdam’s city center, bathed in sunshine. The wonderful weather created a positive mood for Nils and Vivian, making them truly enjoy the process. The guys were free to do anything they liked during their candid honeymoon photoshoot: they were riding bicycles and making fun together.

As a creative honeymoon photographer in Amsterdam, I always focus on capturing the liveliest and most emotional moments of a couple in love. This focus on emotions allows me to create meaningful honeymoon photos that are ideal for being professionally printed in quality prints to bring joy for years to come!

A professional honeymoon photographer will always guide a couple to get cinematic couple photographs during their intimate photoshoot, regardless of whether you are active participators in professional photo sessions or not. You will get authentic honeymoon pictures depicting your sincere feelings and deep love towards each other.

This spontaneous honeymoon photoshoot in Amsterdam became an unforgettable romantic photography experience for s Nils and Vivian. It resulted in unstaged couple portraits that will remind them of the beginning of their family life. I was happy to capture Nils and Vivian’s dream coming true in intimate loveshoot images.

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