Charlotte and Claude are originally from Australia and France. This lovely multicultural couple has called Amsterdam their home for several years now. The couple is waiting for a baby and wants to depict the best memories of this special period in natural maternity photography in Amsterdam. Hence, Charlotte and Claude decided to book me for a candid pregnancy photoshoot in Amsterdam.

As a creative family photographer, I’m always enthusiastic about hosting an intimate maternity photo session and capturing the most valuable moments for a family. However, it’s important to choose the right time for a photoshoot. The best period for a maternity photography session is between weeks 25 and 35. Pregnant belly photos taken during this time are considered the most beautiful and tender.

Amsterdam’s cozy streets and picturesque canals create a calm and relaxing atmosphere perfect for outdoor maternity photography. Still, you might need professional guidance in choosing the place for your candid pregnancy photoshoot in Amsterdam. Being an Amsterdam maternity photographer, I know the most cinematic places, hidden from crowds and tourists’ eyes.

Charlotte and Claude were well prepared for the photowalk. Claude was looking like a real Frenchmen in his hat and minimalistic outfit. Charlotte was wearing a light dress that looked harmonious among blooming flowers and added a stunning detail to the resulting outdoor pregnancy pictures. They both were in a cheerful mood and definitely enjoying each other’s company. It helped me catch the couple as they are and take unposed pregnancy photographs that look natural and convey sincere emotions and the true essence of the moment.

I was happy to depict such a memorable moment for Charlotte and Claude in atmospheric pregnancy photography. This at ease pregnancy photowalk resulted in authentic maternity portraits ideal to be professionally printed for authentic baby shower invitations.

Allow me to capture the magical time of your pregnancy in emotional family portraits with storytelling family photography! Book your fun and comfortable maternity photoshoot in Amsterdam with a few simple clicks!