Daria is a freelance model from Kyiv, Ukraine. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of visiting the gorgeous blooming flower fields of Holland. When her dream finally came true, she wanted to capture this long-awaited moment of happiness in vibrant photos and booked me for a female photoshoot in a crocuses field.

The majority of the flower fields in the Netherlands bloom during spring, from mid-march to mid-may. Being hardly reachable by public transport, Daria rented a car before her solo photo session. Flower bulbs are incredibly fragile. Accessing the flower fields without the permission of the farmer is strictly forbidden. And even with permission, one needs to be very careful not to damage the bulb.

Photographing Daria with an artistic solo shoot between blooming crocuses was a fun and creative photography experience. Are you planning to visit the Netherlands, and have you always wanted to memorize your visit to the Dutch flower fields with a professional photoshoot? It would be my pleasure to document your Dutch blooming flower fields trip in candid portraits with storytelling lifestyle photography! Book your flower field shoot online with a few simple clicks!