I am excited to naturally edit your photos in accordance with the featured portfolio!


Once finalized, you will receive an e-mail with a secure link to your downloadable gallery!

3. QUALITY prints

Have your photos professionally printed and delivered straight from your gallery!


How many photos will I get?
The number of photos we have jointly crafted depends on the type of photoshoot:
  • Couple 40+
  • Family 50+
  • Wedding 70+
  • Solo 30+
  • Group 60+
  • Photoreportage 50+
  • Analog 20+

If you have extended your photoshoot, you will receive extra photos. Check the 'Package' tab for more information.

Which photos will you edit?
Together we have creatively composed natural photographs that candidly convey emotional stories and capture meaningful moments in an atmospheric way, with an eye for the smallest details.

Next, I will delete all test shots, duplicates, and photos that I deem of inferior quality. I will naturally edit the remaining photos in accordance with the featured portfolio and upload them to your gallery in the best digital format.

I will never withhold any photos or request additional payments, these are your memories.

Do you give unedited photos?
No. Unedited photos don't reflect the featured portfolio and are never delivered.
When will I get the photos?
The photos will be ready to download from your gallery within 10 working days. Do you need the photos sooner? Drop me a line with the request for 'Priority Editing', and your photos will be downloadable within 5 working days.* The 'Priority Editing' costs are €100.

*Wedding photos will be ready to download within 20 working days. With 'Priority Editing' your wedding photos will be downloadable within 10 working days.

The waiting time for all types of photoshoots can be slightly longer in the high season.

Do you have any questions to which the answer is not listed on the FAQ page? Feel free to reach out, and you will receive a response in no time!

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