Jullia and Jin, a beautiful young couple from Singapore travelled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to start their vacation trip across Europe. What Jullia didn’t know though, is that Jin had carefully prepared for a truly important and romantic moment. He secretly reached out with the request to arrange a surprise marriage proposal photoshoot on one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque evening spots.

At the peak of the golden hour, when Amsterdam’s sky was filled with the most gorgeous sunset colours, and dimmed city lights, Jin kneeled before Julia. Looking into her eyes, he opened his heart by sharing how much Jullia meant to him, telling her that they were meant for each other and that his life meant nothing without her.

Looking into Jullia’s eyes, which had filled with tears of happiness, Jin presented a gorgeous engagement ring and asked the question Jullia was hoping to answer from the very first day they fell in love: “Will you marry me?” With tears of happiness and utmost joy, Jullia joyfully shouted: “Yes I will!”

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