Celine and Jort are a lovely international couple, proving that love knows no borders! Celine is American, Jort is Dutch. They met each other in Amsterdam several years ago and fell in love at first sight. Jort planned to propose to Celine during their romantic couples photowalk in Amsterdam.

Jort was looking for a creative engagement photographer and booked me for a surprise engagement photoshoot in Amsterdam to capture his intimate marriage proposal in timeless couples photos. I’m always happy to photograph loving hearts with storytelling engagement photography as it’s a creative process, as a result of which the couple gets candid photographs full of tender feelings.

The romantic engagement shoot took place in the city center of Amsterdam, richly decorated with festive lanterns. Bright illumination created a buoyant mood for the couple and added a romantic atmosphere to the resulting photographs. I believe that magic happens when the location perfectly meets the purpose of the photoshoot.

Celine and Jort naturally enjoyed each other’s company during their proposal photography session, allowing me to take authentic engagement portraits. Celine was surprised and delighted with the proposal made by Jort at one of Amsterdam’s iconic bridges. Jort, having received the cherished “Yes,” also became fulfilled with a range of positive emotions.

As a professional engagement photographer, I tried to capture the sincere emotions of the couple and the proposal as it is, without any interruption from my side. As a result, the couple received vibrant engagement pictures that are ideal to be professionally printed to bring bright and happy memories for years to come!

It was great to capture Celine and Jort in unstaged engagement photos with a surprise engagement photoshoot in Amsterdam. This candid engagement photo session was a new photography experience for Celine and Jort that brought them feelings of happiness and delight. I believe these spontaneous engagement images will become a beautiful reminder of the starting point of their family life.

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