Springtime holds a special significance in Japanese culture. It symbolizes new beginnings and is celebrated with vibrant festivals like Hanami, where the mesmerizing bloom of cherry blossoms heralds the arrival of this refreshing season. During Hanami, families and friends gather under cherry blossom trees, picnicking and cherishing the transient beauty of the flowers.

This tradition was brought to the heart of Amsterdam by Mao, Takuma, and their delightful daughter Emili, a charming Japanese family who now call the city home. Wanting to intertwine their cultural heritage with their new surroundings, they decided to commemorate spring with a lively spring family photo session in one of Amsterdam’s picturesque parks.

To create a harmonious blend with the springtime backdrop, the family was dressed in compelling white outfits, a deliberate choice to mirror the cherry blossoms’ ethereal elegance. The stark white not only accentuated the natural beauty around them but also added an aura of purity and simplicity to the family pictures.

My approach to their family photoshoot was as organic as the season itself. As a seasoned family photographer, I believe in the magic of candid moments. The secret? Making families feel at ease in front of the camera. As Mao, Takuma, and Emili roamed the park, laughing, playing, and basking in the spring sun, I observed from a distance. Instead of dictating poses, I allowed the family to be themselves, ensuring they felt relaxed and had fun. This approach allowed me to capture genuine emotions – the gleam in Emili’s eyes, Takuma’s hearty laughter, and Mao’s serene glances.

The result? A collection of family portraits – perfectly suitable to be professionally printed in artisan-made prints – that are as spontaneous and heartwarming as the memories they encapsulate during the intimate spring family photo session. It was a day of vibrant colors, candid moments, and the intimate bond of a family celebrating both their roots and their current journey.

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