Andalusia is incredible! It’s East without poison and is West without busyness. And every day you will see new miracles.

Federico García Lorca

Let me invite you on a picturesque tour of Andalusia – the most southern, the hottest and the most Spanish province from all other provinces. It is also dreamy, full of drama, passion and mysticism. A diverse and ancient country, a country with all these captivating-pensive people which do not expect anything and can only smile. It is the country where on the question “what time is it?”, you will hear “eternity”. Poet F.G. Lorca found the Andalusian authenticity of duende in flamenco songs and dances, the duende that “comes up from inside, up from the very soles of the feet…a mysterious power that all may feel no philosophy can explain…the earth-force”.

This section is only available in Russian, but photographs say more than a thousand words.