Camilla and Guido are a lovely couple living in Amsterdam. They have a tradition to depict the most memorable events in their life in atmospheric photographs made by a professional photographer. This time the couple wanted to celebrate their 3rd couple anniversary with a loveshoot in a blooming Sakura park. Hence, they booked me for a romantic couple photoshoot in Amsterdam.

As a professional couples photographer, I’m always happy to capture true love and genuine feelings in meaningful couple photography. I believe that romantic couple portraits are more valuable when they have a story behind them and depict the moment’s atmosphere. Thus, it makes an unstaged couple photo session the best option when there is a task to capture an important event for a couple.

Camilla and Guido wanted their photos to be vibrant and emotional but still natural. They felt comfortable in front of the camera and enjoyed each other’s company, allowing me to take spontaneous and lively photographs. I always help my clients relax and freely express their feelings to their significant other during their emotional couple loveshoot, as it’s the key secret in atmospheric, romantic portraits.

Camilla and Guido carefully prepared their outfits in color and style, making sure they looked harmonic among beautiful Sakura blossoms during their couple photoshoot in Amsterdam. Cherry flowers put in Camilla’s hair or hold in her hands added tender and romantic details to the resulting natural couple photographs. I was delighted to capture Camilla and Guido’s true love during our atmospheric couple shoot.

This candid loveshoot in Amsterdam resulted in vibrant couple photos ideal to be professionally printed on a colorful canvas! Camilla and Guido were happy to get such artistic experience and be captured in spontaneous couples photography.

Capture your romantic moments together in timeless couple portraits with a romantic couple photoshoot in Amsterdam! Book your unique couples photography experience with a creative couples photographer in a few simple clicks!