In the enchanting city of Amsterdam, I recently had the honor of conducting a queer couple photoshoot for Ruth and Margaret, a delightful lesbian couple from the United States. Their story is one of love, surprise, and the picturesque beauty of Amsterdam. They had always dreamed of wandering along the city’s marvelous canals, admiring its iconic Dutch architecture, and standing together on its romantic bridges. Little did Margaret know, this trip would become a milestone in their relationship, thanks to a surprise Ruth had planned.

Ruth, with a secret wedding proposal in mind, sought a gay-friendly photographer in Amsterdam who could capture this pivotal moment in their lives. Their queer couple photoshoot in Amsterdam wasn’t just going to be any proposal photo session; it was to be an engagement session that would forever encapsulate their love and commitment. Ruth was captivated by my cinematic approach to photography, which focuses on quality and authenticity, perfect for capturing the genuine emotions of such a significant occasion.

As Ruth browsed through my portfolio, she found inspiration in the photographs from sessions I had previously hosted for LGBTQI+ couples. Seeing the diverse expressions of love and joy, she knew she had found the right person to photograph her proposal. Booking the photography session online was straightforward, allowing her to plan the proposal meticulously. She appreciated the ease with which she could secure her slot well in advance, making her preparations for the romantic marriage proposal all the more seamless.

I worked closely with Ruth, sharing my experience in photographing in Amsterdam to map out a picturesque photo route. We discussed various stunning locations for her to pop the question, ensuring the setting would be as memorable as the moment. When the day arrived, I captured the nervous anticipation, the surprise, and the overwhelming joy. The photographs vividly portrayed the range of emotions, from Ruth’s anxious excitement to Margaret’s genuine astonishment and elation.

The result of their queer couple photoshoot in Amsterdam was a collection of photos that Ruth and Margaret were overjoyed with. Each image, brimming with emotion and love, will be a cherished keepsake for years to come. Their engagement in Amsterdam, captured through my lens, was not just a celebration of their love but also a testament to the beauty of queer love in all its forms.

As they look back on their photoshoot, Ruth and Margaret will always remember the magical canals, the quaint bridges, and the moment they promised each other a lifetime together. Their queer couple photoshoot in Amsterdam was not just a loveshoot; it was the beginning of a new chapter in their love story, one they will treasure forever.

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