Analog Photographer


20 digitized black and white film photographs

1 hour analog vintage photo session

Downloadable gallery in 10 working days

Print credit of €25

€250 (VAT included)


+ 20 digitized black and white film photographs

+ €125 (VAT included)


+ €7 per additional photograph

Artistic Analog Photographer
Retro film photography possesses the unique vintage aesthetic that keeps it highly popular among the city locals and tourists. So much loved by photographers and their clients, cinematic photographs are shot entirely on an analog photofilm camera and a vintage photofilm roll.

The process of image creation is genuinely magical. The different chemicals in a retro photofilm roll influence its rendering of light and colors, adding unrepeating uniqueness to every photograph taken. The choice of a photofilm roll type will depend mainly on the purpose of your vintage film photoshoot in Amsterdam. For example, analog black and white photofilm mean there will be no colors depicted, and the focus will shift to the plot, the essence, and the mood of a person.

Timeless Analog Photography
Amsterdam is famous for its historic architecture and old-world charm, making it a perfect place for hosting an atmospheric photo session on a black-and-white film roll. Preparation for an analog film photoshoot is an engaging and creative process that involves both a photographer and a client. I believe that collaboration is key to getting the most out of an artistic bw portraits experience.

Hosting such a photoshoot requires a black and white film photographer proficient in using a mechanical film roll camera with retro art series lenses. Black and white analog photography has no auto mode and is limited to 24 frames, making each captured portrait unique. Being an experienced vintage film photographer, I’m always happy to provide professional guidance during the photoshoot in order to use the limited number of frames to the fullest and gain a fantastic result.

Analog Vintage Photoshoot
The vintage photofilm is developed in an artisan darkroom, requiring professional skills and equipment. It’s a complicated but still meditating process of turning moments into art and art into memories. However, the pain is worth the gain, and as a result, you get timeless black and white pictures that are digitized in the highest quality.

I love analog photofilm photography for the ability to produce artistic effects like overexposures, vignettes, bokeh effects, and light leaks that make each photograph a unique work of art. As an analog photo film photographer in Amsterdam, I always try to create these elegant effects with my vintage photo camera. Being captured in vintage photography is an artistic process in the result of which you get authentic vintage portraits and lots of positive emotions.

Pay a deposit of 50 per item
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