Keukenhof Family Photographer


30 vibrant family photos

1 hour family photo session

Downloadable gallery in 10 working days

Print credit of €25

€450 (VAT included)


+ 20 vibrant family photos

+ €200 (VAT included)


+ €7 per extra photo

+ Your entrance tickets to Keukenhof

Keukenhof Family Photographer
Visiting the tulip garden Keukenhof presents a picturesque backdrop, especially mesmerizing during the tulip season, where families can create beautiful memories amidst the vibrant and breathtaking tulip fields of Holland. Booking a natural family photoshoot amidst these stunning blooms elevates this experience to a charming adventure, ensuring that your memories are captured in the most stunning way. A professional Keukenhof photographer, adepts at choosing the perfect lighting, angles, and spots, ensuring that your family pictures among Dutch tulips go beyond mere photographs, transforming them into timeless treasures.

My approach sets your family photography session a cut above the rest, emphasizing genuine joy and ease throughout your family photoshoot in Keukenhof. I am dedicated to ensuring that families like yours have a fabulous time, interacting and laughing, ensuring each shot is natural and heartfelt, without the common awkwardness that can emerge in front of the camera. With my skills and experience, every candid smile, tender glance, and playful gesture will be immortalized against the beautiful flower canvas of Keukenhof, crafting meaningful family images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Keukenhof Family Photography
Keukenhof, often referred to as the “Garden of Europe,” stands as one of the world’s largest flower parks. Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, this sprawling garden is renowned for its breathtaking displays of tulips and other flowers, ensuring families can revel in a picturesque backdrop of diverse and vibrant blooms. Open annually from mid-March to mid-May, it offers a limited window for enthusiasts to dive into its floral tapestry. The park’s popularity is further enhanced by its easy accessibility; frequent public transport connections are available from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, and Leiden.

For families desiring a vibrant family photoshoot among Dutch tulips, Keukenhof emerges as the ideal location. While the idea of posing in a vast private tulip field might sound tempting, there are serious concerns. Farmers often discourage travelers from entering their flower fields due to potential bulb damage and the risk of spreading diseases. In contrast, Keukenhof provides a controlled and stunning environment for those unforgettable family photo moments, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and responsible tourism.

Keukenhof Family Photoshoot
Visiting the Netherlands on a family holiday? Discover the vibrant beauty of Keukenhof, and make those moments truly unforgettable with an atmospheric family photography session. As your top-rated Dutch photographer, I am passionate about ensuring families like yours get the most out of their candid family photo session in Keukenhof. That’s why I will meticulously map out a picturesque photo route and share with you creative outfit suggestions that harmonize with the blossoming environment.

During our family portrait session in Keukenhof, we won’t just capture images; we’ll craft spontaneous family photographs. Together, we will tell emotional stories, capture meaningful moments, and encapsulate them with an atmospheric touch. With an eye for the smallest details, the family photographs we create will be treasures you’ll cherish for years to come.

Pay a deposit of 100 per item
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