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60+ cinematic photographs

1 hour documentary photo session

Downloadable gallery within 10 working days



+ 40 cinematic photographs

+ €175


Order quality prints, photo frames, canvases, or a lay-flat photobook

Returning clients receive discounts on future photoshoots

Your best together moments made timeless
It is said that it’s not “what” you have in your life but “who” you have in your life that counts. Friends are essential in our life. They are the ones that understand us, support us through our downs, and cheer our ups. Spending time together with our friends is more than just fun. Real friendships are believed to yield physical and emotional health benefits.

Rewarding your friends with a group or best friend photoshoot is a great gift idea. Moreover, it’s perfect for an occasion to spend some quality time together. Having a professional photographer around will result in your best moments together being captured in spontaneous group photography. Meaningful best friend portraits to share and enjoy today as well as to cherish for years to come.

A perfect location for every occasion
Amsterdam is an excellent location for a variety of group and friend photosessions. Are you planning to surprise your best friend with a glamorous bachelorette party in the city of vibrant streets, picturesque canals, and of course, uncountable bicycles and bridges? A bachelorette photowalk will memorize your fun time together in memorable hen’s party photographs.

The city has lots of cozy venues and grassy parks that are perfect celebration locations. Are you visiting Amsterdam with your best friends and would like to document your stay or gather together to celebrate a birthday party or any other joyful occasion? With an effortless group photoreportage, your celebration time will be captured in stunning group portraiture. In the mood for sun, sea, and great barefooted friend time on a sandy beach? A friend shoot on the untouched beach of Noordwijk is exactly what you are looking for!

Smile and shine
Great mood and the company of your friends are the main ingredients of a fantastic group shoot! To add that final touch, you could use a diversity of decorative props, balloons, candies, or buy some beautiful natural flowers. Matching your outfits’ colors and theme, making the bride stand out in case of a hen party, is always a great idea.

I will make sure that you experience a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.  A group photosession is a bright and unforgettable experience. Completely forgetting about the camera and simply having fun with your besties. It will be my pleasure to take some creative shots from your best angles!

Pay a deposit of 50 per item
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