Vera is Ukrainian, and Joris is Dutch. They met at the University of Amsterdam two years ago; since then, they have never been apart. The couple decided to get married this spring and celebrate their engagement with natural pre-wedding photography on the beach.

Vera and Joris were looking for a professional pre-wedding photographer in the Netherlands to host their romantic engagement photo session at one of the atmospheric beaches of the North Sea near Amsterdam. I agreed with enthusiasm to capture the couple with an authentic pre-wedding photoshoot on the beach, a truly cinematic location!

It was early spring when we arranged the intimate pre-wedding photography session at the seaside. Vera and Joris chose elegant but comfortable outfits in light natural colors that matched perfectly with the surrounding seascape for their romantic couples photoshoot. Their warm camel coats and scarves added feelings of warmth and coziness to the resulting couple’s photographs.

During the authentic couple photography session, Vera and Joris were enjoying each other’s company, having nearly forgotten about me taking photographs. They were sitting on a picnic blanket with a bottle of red wine, admiring the sea view and having lively talks. I took spontaneous photographs, capturing their sincere emotions and tender feelings towards each other. The couple’s charm and the beautiful surroundings helped me create cinematic elopement photos on the beach.

Vera and Joris were happy to engage in their at ease pre-wedding photography session on the beach, resulting in vibrant engagement pictures on the beach. These unstaged pre-wedding portraits will remind the couple of their vital decision to start their happy family life. It was a great pleasure to capture such a lovely couple in creative pre-wedding photography in the Netherlands.

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