Saeka and Kohei are a wonderful just married couple from Japan. Saeka was born in the Netherlands, but when she was 6 years old, her parents decided to move back to Tokyo. Saeka always dreamed of visiting the Netherlands once again.

Following their amazing wedding ceremony, the beautiful bride and groom took a flight to Amsterdam to start their elopement in Europe. I met them at an exclusive restaurant in the old city centre. Saeka and Kohei were both dressed in elegantly looking classic wedding outfits.

These gorgeous Japanese couple wanted to memorize their elopement in Amsterdam with a spontaneous couple photoreportage. We took a photowalk across Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, shot candid couple photos on romantic bridges and vibrant terraces. All beautifully illuminated with golden hour sunset lighting.

Are you planning to elope in the Netherlands and would you like your stay to be documented with natural couple photography? I will be pleased to capture your pure emotions in timeless couple photographs!