Natalia and Andy are an international couple that lives in Utrecht. Natalia is originally from Moscow, Andy is from New York. They met while studying at Tilburg University; it was love at first sight! They have common hobbies and interests, one of which is spending time in nature. The easygoing couple decided to capture their next adventure with a spontaneous couple loveshoot in Dutch Dunes!

With international travel being restricted due to Covid-19, Natalia and Andy became tourists in their own country and decided to start exploring the hidden gems of the Netherlands during the weekends and holidays. This time they booked a stylish hotel in Scheveningen and were excited to discover the city’s surroundings by car.

This lovely couple reached out to me with the request to capture them in the dunes of Scheveningen with candid couple photography. They wanted to add natural portraits from this trip to their admirable photo collection. Being a creative couples photographer in the Netherlands and a true nature lover, I happily agreed to host this spontaneous couple loveshoot in Dutch Dunes.

Natalia and Andy are always open to new adventures and turn each journey into a feast full of bright moments and positive emotions. Their trip to the dunes of Scheveningen, captured with a romantic couples photoshoot among the majestic dunes and the glittering sea, in lively couples portraits, was not an exception.

The sandy dunes are truly marvelous and perfect decor for an outdoor loveshoot in an iconic Dutch landscape. Natalia and Andy were a bit nervous at first, but by making them feel at ease they were able to be themselves and enjoy every part of their authentic couple photography session without any worries about being photographed.

Their natural couple photoshoot turned out to be an unforgettable couples photography experience and resulted in unstaged photos of a gorgeous couple having a great time together in the picturesque dunes at the North Sea. It was a pleasure to depict Natalia and Andy in atmospheric couples pictures that are ideal to be professionally printed in quality prints.

Are you interested in booking an atmospheric photoshoot with your partner? It will be my pleasure to capture your couple in emotional portraiture with a professional couples photo session in the Netherlands!