Ji-woo and Min-joon are a loving couple from Seoul, Korea. They visited Amsterdam during their long-awaited engagement trip through Europe. The couple wants to introduce a family tradition of capturing memorable events by a professional photographer, with their engagement couple photowalk experience being the first step.

Ji-woo and Min-joon booked me for a cinematic couple photoshoot in Amsterdam, among elegant bridges, magnificent canals, and gorgeous architecture. The couple wanted to capture their love in elegant couple portraits that would become a reminder of this happy and romantic event in their life. Being a professional engagement photographer in Amsterdam, I easily agreed to host an unforgettable couple photowalk experience.

The romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam perfectly corresponded with the main idea of the engagement photo session: to depict true love and tender feelings of the couple. We took a photowalk on the most cinematic streets, admiring the surrounding beauty and taking authentic couples’ portraits. Ji-woo and Min-joon, having chosen elegant outfits, looked harmonic among the historic cityscapes of Amsterdam.

During the photoshoot, Ji-woo and Min-joon naturally enjoyed each other’s company, nearly forgetting about me taking photographs of them. As an experienced couple’s photographer, I always create a comfortable atmosphere and help my clients stay relaxed when photographed. It was a great pleasure to meet Ji-woo and Min-joon and capture them in atmospheric engagement photos, ideal to be professionally printed in quality prints!

Ji-woo and Min-joon were happy to be depicted in natural engagement photography in Amsterdam. It was a completely new creative experience for the couple to participate in a candid engagement photography session, resulting in authentic couples’ pictures. They experienced unforgettable emotions and made their little dream come true.

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and stunning bridges are an ideal décor for an authentic engagement photoshoot! Make your precious couple’s moments timeless with unstaged engagement photography! Book your romantic engagement photoshoot with a local photographer online in a few simple clicks!