Sonja, Corinna, and bride-to-be Janine are three best friends from Germany who visited Holland to celebrate their hen party on Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. The Netherlands is one of the most popular bachelor party destinations in Europe, with Amsterdam being highly recommended as the perfect city to celebrate a bachelorette party. The friends started looking for a bachelorette party photographer in Amsterdam!

Sonja and Corinna booked me to capture their fantastic surprise gift for future bride Janine:  a spontaneous bachelorette photoshoot in Amsterdam! They wanted to memorize their hen party and receive unforgettable emotions while being captured in unstaged bachelorette photography. I happily agreed to host this authentic bachelorette photography session for the ladies while they were fully enjoying their unique hen party in Amsterdam!

The ladies had an amazing time together, enjoying their fabulous evening and cooling down with refreshing Aperol during their best friends’ shoot on Amsterdam’s bustling streets. During their atmospheric group photo session, they were free to express themselves in any way they wished and have fun while also being involved in the creative process. Though, I was giving suggestions regarding how they could behave in front of the camera, ensuring a truly amazing result.

As a creative hen party photographer, I take spontaneous photographs and capture the liveliest and most emotional moments. I believe that unstaged portraits perfectly convey the atmosphere of the moment and are the ones that bring back fond memories. It was a great pleasure to photograph Sonja, Corinna, and Janine, admiring their true friendship.

This outdoor bachelorette photowalk of best friends in Amsterdam resulted in candid hen party images depicting genuine emotions and sincere smiles. It was a great time, and a new creative photography experience for the ladies turned into happy memories made timeless.

Are you planning to celebrate your bachelor party in Amsterdam, and are you looking for a professional bachelorette photographer to capture your fun time in spontaneous best friends’ photos? I look forward to hosting your special bachelorette photo session!