Aydana and Joseph are a lovely couple living in Amsterdam. They have booked candid photoshoots with me on multiple occasions in recent years. This time they wanted to get absolutely new artistic experience and replenish their collection of family photos with atmospheric portraits, shot entirely on an analog photo camera. Hence, they decided to book me for romantic analog film photography in Amsterdam.

As an Amsterdam analog film photographer, I’m always happy to take my vintage photofilm camera and host a couple photoshoot on black and white film.  Analog film photography has no auto mode and is limited to 24 frames, making each captured photograph an authentic work of art.

This vintage loveshoot took place in a blooming sakura park that added a romantic atmosphere to the resulting photographs. Aydana and Joseph felt natural in front of the camera and were open to creative ideas.  It was a great pleasure for me to meet such a beautiful couple and depict them in artistic portraiture.

Retro couples shoot requires thorough preparation from a photographer.  I chose a mechanical Zenit film camera and art edition Helios 40-2 lens for this romantic couple photo session as they create beautiful bokeh and flare effects, perfect for creative vintage photography.

The photofilm is developed in an artisan darkroom. It is a complicated process, requiring professional equipment and skills in working with an analog film roll. However, the pain is worth the gain, and as a result, you get cinematic photos that are digitized in the highest quality. Ideal to be professionally printed in premium prints!

This analog film photoshoot in Amsterdam became an unordinary photography experience for Aydana and Joseph. This vintage black and white photofilm will remind them of such an incredibly romantic moment and take a special place in their family photo collection.

It would be my pleasure to cock the mechanical camera with a classic black and white roll of film and capture your couple in romantic portraits with analog film photography in Amsterdam! Book your vintage couple photography session online with a few simple clicks!