Joyce is originally from Aruba. A few years ago, she relocated to the Netherlands with her lovely Akita dog Roger. Now she lives and studies in The Hague. Joyce is a cheerful girl who always tries to have the most precious moments of her life depicted in cinematic pictures.

Her dream was to be captured in colorful portraits with her loyal four-legged friend while surrounded by blooming tulips. Hence, she decided to book a solo photoshoot with a dog. As a professional pet portraitist, I agreed gladly to create unstaged photos for Joyce and her dog Roger in brightly colored tulip fields with storytelling lifestyle photography by natural light.

Finding the best location for this solo photo session with a pet was not a challenge. The city of Lisse is famous for its surrounding tulip fields that attract visitors from all over the world. Thus, we caught the perfect time for admiring breathtaking views and creating vibrant photos. Tulip fields in the Netherlands bloom from mid-March to mid-May, this is an ideal time to book an Amsterdam tulip fields photoshoot.

Joyce carefully prepared her outfit so that it perfectly matches the location. Her elegant straw hat and floral print blue dress added stunning details to the resulting photographs. Roger was happy with the lovely weather and acted great in front of the camera, allowing me to take photos from the best angles. I was delighted to capture Joyce and Roger’s true friendship in atmospheric portraiture.

The photoshoot that took place near Lisse was a fun and relaxing outdoor experience that resulted in candid portraits ideal for being printed in premium prints. Visiting the blooming flower fields of the Netherlands in a company of her faithful pet and a professional photographer became one of Joyce’s brightest memories.

Are you interested in booking an Amsterdam tulip fields photoshoot with a professional photographer specializing in natural photography? It would be my great pleasure to capture you and your pet in such a picturesque location. Embark on an unforgettable solo photography experience, book your tulip field shoot online in a few simple clicks!