Annette, Elias, and their daughters Lucie and Veronica are a lovely French family, living in Amsterdam. They build their own family traditions and insert them into everyday life, making them exciting and action-packed. Sometimes capturing their precise moments together with alternative family photography.

Every weekend the family goes together to a park, walks down Amsterdam’s central streets, or enjoys the natural beauties outside the city. Watching how fast their daughters grow, Annette and Elias decided to capture their typical family pastime as it is: active, happy, and amusing in quality family photography in Amsterdam.

The family was looking for a professional family photographer who would create vivid family portraits. They were planning to replenish their collection of atmospheric family portraits and decorate the walls of their house with the resulting photographs. I easily agreed to host this natural family photoshoot and make their wish come true.

This cinematic family photography session took place in the marvelous city center of Amsterdam. It was early autumn when leaves started to turn yellow and fall down, decorating the historic streets. With their developed sense of beauty, the family carefully chose warm and elegant outfits in natural colors that looked harmonic among the picturesque autumn cityscape.

Annette, Elias, and their daughters Lucie and Veronica took their usual walk down Amsterdam’s central streets. The girls’ favorite toy, a small teddy bear, no way could be left at home. As an alternative family photographer, I captured the liveliest moments and the family’s sincere smiles in alternative family pictures that will be cherished for years to come in a professionally printed family album.

Annette, Elias, and their daughters Lucie and Veronica experienced only positive emotions being depicted in alternative family photography by a creative family photographer in Amsterdam. This alternative family portrait session resulted in candid autumn family photos depicting the family having a pleasurable pastime together. I was happy to meet such a lovely family and capture them in vibrant family photography.

Are you looking for outdoor family activities in the Netherlands? I will be pleased to document your happy moments together with natural family photography!