Mathias lives in Amsterdam and studies philosophy. He is a romantic person, fond of fine arts and 19th-century European literature. Walking around museum halls and reading books for hours is the perfect pastime for Mathias. He wanted his Tinder profile pictures to reflect his personality and true essence.  Hence, he decided to book a Tinder photoshoot in Amsterdam.

As a creative dating photographer, I agreed with enthusiasm to host a professional tinder photo session in Amsterdam for him. The first important task was finding the location for our unstaged Tinder shoot that perfectly matched Mathias’s romantic nature.  It wasn’t hard, though. The Rijksmuseum, being his favorite place in Amsterdam, fully conveys Mathias’s interests.

Having no experience in professional photoshoots, Mathias had doubts whether he would feel comfortable in front of the camera. Indeed, posing can be rather challenging. Therefore, I’m always happy to provide professional guidance during the photoshoot. However, natural dating photography doesn’t require much acting on the camera. It’s more important to feel completely at ease and genuinely enjoy the process.

On Tinder, the first impression is usually based on profile photos. Thus, I paid careful attention even to the minor details during our spontaneous dating shoot. To create authentic dating profile pictures, the majority of shots were taken in movement. I tried to capture Mathias’s genuine emotions and beautiful smile, making his Tinder profile photos look natural and lively.

This Tinder photo session with a professional dating photographer resulted in candid dating photos that showcase Mathias’s character and personality in an authentic and unstaged way. An unposed dating photoshoot in Amsterdam became an unforgettable and fun artistic experience for Mathias.

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