Joris is an IT developer from Amsterdam. He loves playing acoustic guitar, Foxtrot dancing, and walking through the wonderful Amsterdamse Bos. He is an active and friendly person who is always open to new acquaintances and adventures. Joris wanted to update his dating profile with natural dating profile pics and started searching for a professional photographer specializing in cinematic portrait photography in Amsterdam.

Joris booked me for an authentic portrait photoshoot in the park to update his dating profile pictures. He wanted the photos to look natural and honest, conveying his cheerful and spontaneous personality. Having great experience in vibrant dating photography, I easily agreed to host an outdoor male dating photoshoot for Joris.

The first impression is usually based on profile photos on social media and dating apps. Thus, when taking engaging dating profile pictures, I always pay careful attention even to the minor details that can reveal positive traits of personality. Taking photographs of Joris playing guitar was an excellent way to create an image of an artistic and charming person.

Taking photographs in movement is one of the key secrets that help me create eye-catching dating pictures. I took spontaneous pictures full of positive emotions and sincere smiles to depict Joris’s true essence. The day was warm and sunny, which gave us an excellent mood for a photo walk in a park.

Joris was deeply engaged in the creative process and felt enthusiastic about the result of our photoshoot. Together, we came up with many creative ideas that turned out into dating profile photos that stand out. I was happy to meet such a friendly and communicative person and covey his amazing personality with outdoor portrait photography in Amsterdam.

Photographing Joris with an easy photo walk through Amsterdamse Bos was a fun and creative portrait photography experience. The portraits turned out just as Joris wanted: full of sunshine, positivity, and natural colors.

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