Renate’s most faithful friend is her cute corgi dog named Momo! They are eager travelers and seekers of adventures. Renate can’t imagine traveling without her dog and always takes Momo along on her vacations. During their last visit to Amsterdam, Renate decided to book an outdoor photo session with a pet to depict her friendship with Momo in professional photographs.

She was looking for a pet photographer to capture her with her four-legged friend in authentic pet portraits during a spontaneous photoshoot with dog in Amsterdam. Being an experienced dog photographer, I readily agreed to host a photoshoot of the owner and pet for Renate and her dog Momo.

It’s always challenging to make animals feel at ease, but Amsterdam gives a suitable environment for that. This vibrant pet photoshoot in Amsterdam took place in a spring park decorated with beautiful blossoms, spacious enough for an active dog. The intimate atmosphere of the park helped Renate and her dog Momo relax and freely enjoy each other’s company in front of the camera.

As a сreative animal photographer, I can build contact with pets, making them look at the camera and capture them in natural pet portraits. Momo was active during our photoshoot, listening to all the orders and keeping steady for every picture during the whole shooting allowing me to create fun pet photos which are ideal to be professionally printed, for example, on a colorful canvas!

This candid dog photoshoot with a professional pet photographer in Amsterdam became a new creative experience for Renate and her cute friend. It resulted in stunning photos of the owner and dog that depict their happy moments together.  I was delighted to capture such a life-loving lady and her funny dog in at ease pet photography in Amsterdam.

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