Jordan, Nicole, and their lovely son Adrian are a friendly and active US family living in Amsterdam. Adrian is turning one year old in the early autumn, and his parents decided to celebrate in a unique way. They have a tradition of capturing all the memorable events in vivid professional photographs, and Adrian’s first birthday anniversary was no exception.

The family was looking for a creative outdoor family photographer to create natural family portraits of their son’s first birthday anniversary. They contacted me to book a child birthday anniversary photo session at a quiet park in Amsterdam. Capturing families in authentic portraits is a true pleasure for me, and I happily agreed to host this one year birthday anniversary photoshoot for Adrian and his proud parents.

The family birthday anniversary photoshoot took place in one of Amsterdam’s cozy parks, flooded with golden sunlight and decorated with amber leaves. The location was truly cinematic, allowing me to take beautifully colored and picturesque family photographs. The family, wearing autumn outfits in neutral colors, looked harmonic among this flamboyant nature.

During the photoshoot, Jordan, Nicole, and Adrian enjoyed each other’s company, having fun, and blowing bubbles. Being a professional family photographer in the Netherlands, I captured the liveliest moments and created candid family birthday anniversary pictures that would look great being printed and evoke only bright and happy memories. I believe that it’s an indescribable feeling to have your birthday anniversary photographs professionally printed in a handmade family photo album.

This birthday anniversary photography session in a park resulted in authentic outdoor family photos depicting such a significant event for the family. Jordan, Nicole, and their son Adrian experienced only positive emotions during their family portrait session and were happy to be seamlessly captured by a top-rated Amsterdam family photographer.

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