Dario is a talented professional working in Amsterdam’s creative industry. He is fond of cinematic portraits and never misses an opportunity to add a couple of ones to his model portfolio. He booked me for a creative model portfolio photoshoot in Amsterdam

Dario was looking for a talented model photographer to book a spontaneous portfolio shoot in Amsterdam’s vibrant city center.  He contacted me to create artistic photos for his portfolio that would represent him from an entirely new side as a model. This time Dario wanted to try on the image of a gentleman and romantic hero.

Clothing, hairstyle, and surroundings play an important role when it comes to composing a personal image. This model photo session took place among the historic architecture of Amsterdam and its picturesque bridges that added a romantic atmosphere to the resulting photographs.

Being an Amsterdam portrait photographer, I’m always open to artistic ideas that convey one’s personality in creative ways. Dario was deeply engaged in the process and interacted with objects around him. Blooming red rose bushes and a vintage car supported Dario’s image of a romantic hero and created a story behind the photographs and added visual interest.

As Dario’s main request was to get creative headshots for his model portfolio, I asked him to depict various emotions. Dario is an experienced model, and the task wasn’t a challenge for him at all. He has unhidden acting talent and the ability to make lively facial expressions.

This elegant model shoot in Amsterdam resulted in candid portfolio pics that will enrich Dario’s portfolio. Both Dario and I got unforgettable emotions and had lots of fun during the natural model photoshoot. Dario was happy to be depicted as a romantic hero in authentic model photography in Amsterdam.

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