Clea is a sunny girl and a seeker of adventures. She moved to Amsterdam several years ago to get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Being fond of body-positive photography, Clea decided to take part in a woman empowerment shoot herself. Hence, she looked for a professional female photographer in Amsterdam for a fun and spontaneous female solo photo session in Amsterdam that would convey her essence through candid photographs.

I happily agreed to host this body-positive photoshoot in Amsterdam for Clea. The photoshoot took place at an intimate blossom park on a bank of a beautiful lake. Such hidden from prying eyes places are perfect for empowerment photography in Amsterdam, as there’s nothing to spoil the calming and creative atmosphere or embarrass the model.

Today body-positive portraits are of great value, as they focus on unique facial features and thus show the inner side of an individual. A female empowerment photoshoot is a healing process that helps women accept their true selves and raise their self-esteem. As a body-positive photographer, I always help my clients feel comfortable and enjoy the process, forgetting any negative thoughts.

Clea was thoroughly prepared for our female solo shoot in Amsterdam. She acted naturally in front of the camera, allowing me to capture her essence and inimitable beauty in vivid portraits.  Her outfits perfectly matched the location both by the color and style. Clea’s hat, decorated with a silver chain, added a stunning detail to the resulting photographs.

I was happy to meet such an energetic girl and capture her in body-positive photographs. This female positivity photo session in Amsterdam resulted in natural empowerment portraits and became an unforgettable artistic experience for Clea.

Convey your uniqueness through natural portraits by embarking on an empowering photography experience! Book your female solo photo session in Amsterdam with a creative female photographer in a few simple clicks!