Marjolein, her husband Bart, and their two sons Jacob and Kai are a lovely family living in Amsterdam. They booked me for a relaxed family photoshoot in the neighborhood among cozy red brick houses and green alleys. They wanted to get timeless family photographs that would remind them of their treasured family moments spent together.

I agreed with enthusiasm to host an authentic family photo session for this lovely Dutch family. The idea of this relaxed family photowalk through Amsterdam was to depict happy moments the family experiences every day in natural family photography. Everything the family needed to do was to be themselves and have a natural conversation to the point when they totally forgot about the photographer being there in the first place. Thus, we chose a family weekend walk through their beloved Amsterdam neighborhood as a plot basis.

During their outdoor family photoshoot in Amsterdam, the family was having a picnic in a park, swinging and playing hide-and-seek. These small but still significant events rarely get captured in professional family photographs. However, they make up a significant part of everyday family life and make it genuinely colorful.

Marjolein, Bart, and their sons Jacob and Kai enjoyed each other’s company and made fun, allowing me to create vibrant family pictures. Being an experienced storytelling family photographer, I always capture emotionally charged moments and take spontaneous photographs. I believe that unstaged family portraits are best suited to convey the moment’s atmosphere and depict sincere emotions every family member experiences during a photo session.

This creative family photoshoot turned into bright memories for the family and resulted in candid family portraits. Ideal to be professionally printed in a vibrant canvas or a stylish photo frame! They enjoyed their past time together and would be more than happy to go for a new atmospheric family shoot again in the future. Indeed, a photography session for the whole family is a great way to spend time together and get unforgettable emotions.

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