Nicholas and Jeanette live in a beautiful home with their two daughters, Kelly and Nicole. They are a lovely expat family living in Amsterdam that cherish their precious time together. That’s why they invited me to their home to host a natural family photoshoot at home. I was excited to capture the love and laughter of their family through my lens.

The day of the family photo session at home, I arrived at the family’s home and was greeted with warm smiles and hugs from everyone. The girls were full of energy and were eager to get started with the photography session. I wanted to capture their true personalities and the love between them, so I suggested that we start with some unstaged moments. I encouraged them to play together, laugh, and just be themselves.

As I snapped away, I could see the genuine connection between the family members. They hugged, tickled, and made silly faces at each other, and their love for each other was apparent in every moment. I captured their candid family moments, the way they looked at each other, and the way they hugged each other. These vibrant family pictures will become precious memories for them in the years to come.

Next, we took some posed portraits of the family. I encouraged them to snuggle together, hold hands, and look into each other’s eyes. The girls were full of giggles, and their parents beamed with pride as they held their daughters close. The natural light streaming in from the windows created a warm, inviting atmosphere, and I made sure to capture every moment.

By the end of the photoshoot, the family had several beautiful family portraits that captured their love and connection. They thanked me for capturing such precious memories and for making their family photoshoot at home a fun and enjoyable experience.

The photoshoot at Nicholas and Jeanette’s home resulted in authentic family portraits that captured the family’s precious moments together. These vivid family images, professionally printed into a handcrafted family photo album, will be cherished by the family for years to come and will always remind them of their love and the bond they share. I was grateful to have been a part of such a special moment in their lives!

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