Christmas Photoshoot at Home

A New Year’s or Christmas photo session is a unique opportunity to capture your romantic couple or lovely family in the cozy and warm atmosphere of your home!

Are you interested in booking your unforgettable winter shoot? Here are some ideas which will help you to decorate your home for the perfect X-mas photoshoot!

Near the Christmas tree with gifts

Decorate the Christmas tree, surround it with beautifully wrapped presents (of course these can be dummies). You can also put a warm plaid on the floor, light up some delicious smelling candles and carefully lay a coupe of pine cones for that perfect winter mood!

With authentic wish signs

As of October, you can find gorgeous festive house decorations in a variety of stores. Including authentic wooden signs with texts as: “Enjoy”, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”. Holding such signs in one hand and shining sparklers in the other will make the X-mas photos look festive and atmospheric! You can print photographs and make them New Year postcards and send them to your family and friends.

When making cookies

Candid and funny photographs can be taken in the kitchen! Imagine having fun together while baking delicious X-mas cookies, muffins or tasty pancakes while being dressed in cute winter pajamas! Once the treats are ready, enjoy them with a delicious cup of warm thee!

By the fireplace

If your house has a fireplace, let’s shoot next to it! The warmth and comfort of a fireplace in winter is simply magic! Dress up in some cool X-mas sweaters, or perhaps in something chic and solemn. For example, in a long evening dress and costume. Place a chair by the fireplace and enjoy some hot chocolate or even a glass of champagne. Photos with such a comforting background will definitely turn out unusual and fabulous!

On the bed or sofa

Cover the bed with a beautiful plush blanket or a large knitted blanket. Take some books, a couple of three tangerines, nuts, apples, and Christmas lights. Create a pleasant New Year atmosphere around you dim the light. Sime and dream. During the photosession, just enjoy the process, rejoice at the coming of the New Year and sincerely smile and dream. Spontaneous photographs are guaranteed!

In the backyard

Are you not afraid of the cold? Let’s shoot some winter photos in the backyard! With the children playing, perhaps with a dog. Or how about playing some music, riding on a swing or painting the snowflakes?

These are just some of the many ideas that can make your Christmas photosession at home unforgettable and timeless. Please feel free to reach and share your ideas! I look forward to embarking upon your winter fairy-tale!

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