Karin and Yuan are gorgeous newlyweds! Originally from Hong Kong, they have been living in Amsterdam for several years now. They met during their studies at the Technical University of Delft, where they both studied civil engineering. I first met Karin and Yuan around three years ago, when they booked me to memorize their 3rd couple anniversary with a romantic loveshoot in Delft. This time they were interested in cinematic wedding photography in Amsterdam.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, Karin and Yuan were making plans to relocate to the States. But like most of us, they had to adjust. Karin and Yuan decided that love should not get postponed and got married in Amsterdam. This time they reached out to me with the request of capturing their wedding ceremony in documentary wedding photography in Amsterdam.

During their wedding day, they were accompanied by their friends and former fellow students. Of course, their family members dialed in via Zoom to attend their wedding ceremony from Hong Kong. Karin and Yuan’s ceremony was led by a very characteristic marriage officer from the municipality of Amsterdam.

The wedding celebrations took place at the stylish Marriage Chamber of The Grand Hotel Amsterdam. Decorated with stained windows and wall frescos, the Marriage Chamber became a perfect place for spectacular wedding ceremonies. The fiancée was wearing a vintage wedding dress and an elegant hat that looked harmonic at such a historic place.

As a professional wedding photographer in Amsterdam, I believe there are no minor details in wedding ceremonies. Even the smallest details are part of this significant event and are worth being captured in vibrant photographs. Thus, I caught all the precious moments that occurred during Karin and Yuan’s wedding ceremony. Peculiar interior elements also couldn’t be left without my attention.

Memorizing Karins and Yuan’s wedding day with candid wedding photography was a true pleasure! This natural wedding photoshoot in Amsterdam resulted in vibrant wedding photos, ideal to be professionally printed in a handcrafted wedding photobook. There is simply something magical about being able to capture a new family beginning in timeless wedding portraits.

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