Aram Manoukian Hair Studio is a stylish and modern hair salon located in the center of Amsterdam, offering a wide range of haircutting and coloring services for men and women. The salon owner, Aram, was looking for a professional business branding photographer to capture his hair studio in authentic branding photos with a business branding photoshoot in Amsterdam.

Aram reached out to me to create business branding photographs to make a positive image and attract regular and loyal clients. Hence, I tried to depict this hair salon’s relaxing and creative atmosphere to capture potential clients’ attention by capturing the unique and stylish interior details. Tender flowers and walls decorated with butterflies, the interior’s main feature, added stunning details to the resulting photographs. 

My experience in company branding photography shows that it is important to depict the working process and show an exceptional professional level of services provided. During this company branding photoshoot, I paid special attention to capturing the hairdresser equipment and hair care products used to create a professional image of the hair salon. 

Hairdressers are the lifeblood of this beauty startup as they give the feeling of being unique and refreshed to the clients, making them return to the salon. Thus, it was a great idea to show genuine and positive emotions that both staff and clients experience during the working day in business branding photography in Amsterdam. Adam and his team felt enthusiastic about this photoshoot with a corporate photographer and were fully involved in the process, allowing me to take spontaneous and lively photographs. 

I was happy to capture such an atmospheric hair salon and its creative team in lively corporate photography. This business branding photoshoot in Amsterdam became an unforgettable creative experience for all the participants and resulted in authentic company branding photographs. 

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