Real coffee has to be as black as night, as sweet as a sin, as hot as love and as strong as friendship.

Have you ever felt coffee idyll, where you can breathe the aroma of freshly milled grains, hear the sound of coffee machines and order a cup of coffee, watching the aesthetics of coffee art? Here are some top caffeine-friendly places where you can get your caffeine fix. Names of cafes contain links to google maps addresses, names in the description link to the official site.

  1. Lot Sixty One

Lot Sixty One has locations popping up all over and not only in Amsterdam. Check out their original and super tasty location on Kinkerstraat 112 in Oud-West. Australians Paul and Craig serve up their home-roasted coffee in this hip hotspot. Here you will find an espresso bar, roastery and buy some coffee beans.

2. Bocca Coffee

Bocca Coffee is an excellent local coffee brand which is sold in some of the best cafes in the Netherlands. Moreover, they have their own flagship store, training center and cafe just next to Leidseplein. Amsterdam based specialty coffee roasters since 2001, the first store was opened in 2015. In 2013 they won the European Coffee Award for best artisan roastery in Europe.

3. Coffeecompany

Coffeecompany is a Dutch chain of cafes, operating since 1996. It attracts attention from passersby and cafe coworkers. Here you can find everything from roasted beans, sale of coffee packs and to tea. My favorite spot is located on Berenstraat 6 (Negen Straatjes).

4. Il Momento

Caffè il Momento serves delicious, single roasted, fresh Italian coffee in the center of Amsterdam. They use Nuova Point cups from Italy, specially designed for serving espresso coffee. If you like them, you can buy them. Caffè il Momento also sells single roasted coffee beans, Dutch stroopwafels and other nice staff.

5. Toki

Since 2015 Toki has been the world for your local hangout which is simple and with a smile. Actually, the smile is a logo of this hip cafe. If you are walking somewhere next to the Haarlemmerbuurt on the westside of the centre, just come here to get your fix with delicious cappuccinos and espressos or teas with cakes.

6. Monks

Monks Coffee Roasters’ owner Abbott tells: “When we finally found this place, after more than one and a half years of looking, I could hardly believe my luck. We have a garden, space for a full on kitchen and even a restaurant license. That’s super rare in this town.” This cafe serves their own house coffee blend, a range of espresso and filter coffees in Amsterdam West. Moreover, in the summer time you can enjoy here some delicious ice-cream.

7. CoffeeConcepts

Located just next to a prime spot in the green heart of Amsterdam, CoffeeConcepts is a cute cafe that attracts a lot of attention from locals. Their concept is «Work. Coffee. Food. Coffee. Food. Work.» Indeed, you can come her to work and to enjoy tasty homemade food, coffee, cappuccino and other drinks. But it is also the cozy place not only for work, but also for meeting with friends. A few words about two little dogs. They always meet visitors on the stairs inside and it is always fun to watching their cut behaviour.

8. de Koffie Salon

de Koffie Salon is a chic chain of coffee houses which is one of the founders of Amsterdam’s growing espresso culture. It surves Buscaglione which is a traditional Italian espresso label since 1899. Images of celebrities with a cup of coffee decorate every locations that are open daily from 7 to 7. While reading an newspaper with locals do not forget to enjoy of your creamy cappuccino.

9. Screaming Beans

Located since 2010 in a prime spot on one of the Nine Streets (Negen Straatjes), Screaming Beans is a cute cafe that attracts a lot of attention from passersby. Their cappuccino, latte and espresso are great!