One day he will get to know you.

He will know your date of birth, your middle name, where you were born, your zodiac sign and the names of your parents. He will know at what age you learned to ride a bicycle and how many pets you had. He will know the color of your eyes, your scars, your lines of laughter. He will know your favorite book, film, sweetness, food, a pair of shoes, your favorite color and song. He will know your phobias, dreams, fears, desires, and experiences. He will know how you feel, even when you do not tell him about it … he will know that you cry, without even seeing tears, he will know all this … everything … he will know you, from the top of the head to heels, and even soul. Studying, sharing, listening, watching. He will know every little thing about you. And he will love all this in you!