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Mademoiselle Chanel

Turkish blogger Hilal Uysal talks about fashion, her hijab style and other things in life.

Could you, please share a bit about you?

Hilal: Hi guys! I’m from Turkey. We have a halal concept hotel (Adin Beach Hotel) in Turkey and I am working as an assistant manager in that hotel. Also, I have a small boutique and a blog about fashion.

How did you get started online and for how long have you been blogging?

Hilal: Actually I started to write a blog about dreams in 2012 with ‘Küçük Hayaller Dükkanı’ means ‘Little Dreams Shop’. However, for two years I am writing about fashion, lifestyles on hilaluysal.com

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Hilal: Blogging is related inspirations and my inspirations come to very tranquil day. However, I’m very busy especially in the summer months because of tourism. So it’s difficult for me to feel that inspirations. If it is my real job (only hobby now), maybe everything is so comfortable.

What is one of your favorite memories of being a blogger?

Hilal: My favorite memory is with Sumeyye. Sumeyye is my Instagram follower. She came to Adin Beach Hotel with her family from Istanbul for only meeting with me. She was shaking with excitement when I saw her. I was very surprised at the moment because I am only a normal person but she likes me like a superstar. After meeting, we shared a lot of things and now she and her family are very precious to me.

How would you describe your blogging style?

Hilal: Definitely feminine. When choosing clothes, I am trying to emphasize my feminine side and also innocent side. I fall in love lipsticks and high hell.

I have seen almost all your blogs. One thing I see about you is that you always look fabulous, what is your inspiration and motivation for this?

Hilal: Ohh thanks a lot! I live in Antalya so I can found a lot of inspirations from nature such as a clear blue sky, shinning sun, golden sands. Especially, I am inspired from friendly people always smiling in this town.

Who is your favorite blogger online? Which book inspires you most?

Hilal: I am following a lot of bloggers but my best blogger is Jenny Cipoletti. She has a Parisian style and I love it. Mademoiselle Chanel and The Little Prince are my besties as a book.

Where can someone follow you?

Hilal: Anyone who loves hijab or Turkısh lifestyle can follow me.