“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it” — Albert Camus.

After six years of living in the Netherlands Sergey, Julia and Ksenia had decided to move to Singapore.

“My husband and I are children from military families. It made a certain effect on us — we cannot live in one place for a long time. Talking about me, I have lived in the Far East for eight years. Then my family moved to Kharkov, Volgograd, Penza, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod… and finally I and my husband stopped for a wile in the Netherlands, — says Julia — My husband also did not have one place in his list. I should admit that staying for several years here, already made us a little bit bored. We want already to feel new experiences, emotions, and even difficulties! Therefor it is time to move on! Thanks God that my husband and I are exactly the same. Many people consider that we are crazy but they are absolutely wrong. Because we enjoy it! I would live like nomad whole my life! So now we are going to Singapore. It’s completely different world, moreover it is a marvelous opportunity to see Asia by just living there! Due to the fact that my husband is a super cool developer, he has no difficulties to find a job somewhere else. Well, that’s the way how we came across this crazy idea. Luckily we were not attached to any house or any city, but I should admit that we will miss our friends which we met in Holland. To arrange “saying goodbye photoshoot to Amsterdam” was my idea. It is absolutely true that the Netherlands is a special county for our family. The main thing that Ksu was born here. Of cause we travelled a lot here… you have all destinations from Amsterdam to anywhere you want! I should admit that the Netherlands changed our angle of view on many thinks and thank you for that! So Holland will always remain in our hearts. And we will definitely return one day for saying “hello!”.