Stunning candid portraits during golden hour in Amsterdam.

Jacqueline and Yung are travelers from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It is their first time in the Netherlands and they immediately fell in love with the beauty of the country! Jacqueline tells that when she saw photos with Dutch views, it was her dream to come for a honeymoon trip to Holland! “Now the dream come true and we are here… walking on the magnificent and romantic streets, getting in knowledge with the creative and sailing history of the country, eating delicious food… and just simply enjoying our stay!” – Jacqueline says.

It is a lovely warm autumn day. The photoshoot takes place in an old city center next to Central Station with some of, looking like a castle, photographs with Central Station itself in background. Sun goes slowly down which makes the spere of the photos even more romantic. The photoshoot turns candid and with pure emotions because of Jacqueline and Yung are let the time fry and act natural. If you are looking for a local photographer based in Amsterdam to document your engagement or pre-wedding journey, please, feel free to book your timeless photosession straight away!