The soul should smell like a fresh summer hydrangea. The soul must smell of happiness.

The concept of “tenderness” is multifaceted. It is love, and respect, and understanding. Tenderness does not exist by itself, it has no purpose, there are no climaxes and an instant end. It finds its satisfaction in the action itself, in the joy of being full of love, affectionate and gentle, take the other person seriously, respect him and make him happy (Erich Fromm).

In the pre-wedding shoot below, a gorgeous couple from Hong Kong visited the windmill village of Zaanse Schans while being on vacation in the Netherlands. Having seen the authentic beauty of the Dutch windmills, they simply couldn’t resist to capture it in stunning storytelling photography!

Are you planning to visit Zaanse Schans and would you like to memorize your visit to this typical Dutch windmill village with unforgettable couple photography? I will be more than pleased to photograph your engaged couple with a creative pre-wedding photowalk! You are only one click away from booking your romantic love shoot between the windmills of Holland!