Magical Christmas photography for years to come!

Xo-xo-xo! The Dutch Sinterklaas is coming to your house to give presents!

Welcome to the cozy home of the wonderful family of Fabin, Anastasia, Emilia and Lucas in Almere Port, Netherlands.

“We always wanted to have fabulous photographs of our family in the lovely atmosphere of our sweet home when there are a Christmas tree, warm winter rugs, fireplace, and candies! I absolutely love the evening mood when the lights burn and create an even more festive holiday vibe!” – Anastasia says. – “Moreover, this is Lucas’s the first winter holidays”.

If you also dream of a memorable photoshoot in your favorite house on the eve of Christmas and New Year, please free to contact the local Amsterdam based photographer! It will be my great pleasure to create timeless lifestyle photography of you and your loved ones!