Photosession in the greenhouse of the botanical garden.

It was on a rainy autumn day. But here, in the Plantage district of Amsterdam, it is always warm and greeny! Take a look at the emotional footage of cheerful family members -Diana, Pablo, Sofia, and Patricia!

Diana is from Latvia, Pablo is Italian. The couple lived for a long time in Zurich, Switzerland, where Sofia (three and a half) and Patricia (a year old) were born. The family quite recently spontaneously moved to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Diana and Pablo had not previously been in Holland before moving. They heard plenty of good things about living in the Netherlands and without hesitation changed their place of residence. Diana and Pablo turned out to be lovers of family photography and annually arrange various thematic photosessions. “Our little girls are growing, we are also changing, and photography brings different fragments of our lives through time. When you look at the portrait, you remember a whole year!”

The greenhouses of Hortus Botanicus are one of the most beautiful places for holding a family photoshoot, especially in the cold and rainy season. The Botanical Garden is one of the oldest in the world. The Amsterdam city council founded the Hortus Botanicus in 1638 to serve as an herb garden for doctors and apothecaries, as botanical extracts were the primary treatments for illnesses during this time period.

Would you also like to capture your family among diverse and evergreens? You are more than welcome! I will be glad to make memorable photos for you!