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Just be simply next to me... A beautiful warm day in Amsterdam, cozy narrow streets, skinny bridges, amorous boats, hight blue sky, and a final touch - gorgeous cherry trees full blooming! What can be even more wonderful to see your shining eyes full of...

Huwelijk Gevraagd in een Tulpenveld

When someone fulfills their dreams … It’s so nice to realize that today someone fell in love for the first time, kissed for the first time … and someone made a wedding proposal to their beloved one! Tom and Ronnie arrived in The Netherlands from Israel. Ronnie recalls: while walking along the Tel Aviv promenade, I always dreamed of being among many red tulips. I love red tulips, Tom gave them to me for the first time on our very first date...

Huwelijksaanzoek in Tulpenveld

This gorgeous couple from Hong Kong has shared one of their most romantic moments with the tulip fields of Holland. Scott and Janette visited Amsterdam on their vacation in Europe, jet Scott had a surprise for Janette. In the middle of this gorgeous tulip field he kneeled and pronounced the romantic words: will you marry me? Surrounded by all this blooming beauty, true love, and pure emotions, Janette answered: yes I will! Book your surprise...


This amazing couple, Fengyi and Jonathan from Singapore, visited Amsterdam during their vacation in Europe. Being huge fans of the gorgeous flower fields of Holland, they reached out to schedule a wedding photoshoot in a tulip field near Amsterdam. Feel free to check out their gorgeous wedding couple photosession below and reach out to book your unique couple loveshoot in a tulip...

5 Jaar Samen

Marriage anniversary photoshoot during stunning sunset time in romantic Amsterdam. Andreea and Andrei are from Romania. The couple moved to the Netherlands from London two years ago. Andreea and Andrei are planning to stay in Holland a few years more and after that to relocate somewhere to Asia. Today is Andreea and Andrei's 5 year marriage anniversary! "We love Amsterdam! We find this city extremely romantic and we are so happy to live and to...

Portretten Tijdens Gouden Uur

Stunning candid portraits during golden hour in Amsterdam. Jacqueline and Yung are travelers from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It is their first time in the Netherlands and they immediately fell in love with the beauty of the country! Jacqueline tells that when she saw photos with Dutch views, it was her dream to come for a honeymoon trip to Holland! "Now the dream come true and we are here... walking on the magnificent and romantic streets, getting in...

Japanse Elopement in Amsterdam

Take care of the moments that you want always be in your heart! Saeka and Kohei are a wonderful just married couple from Tokyo. Saeka has been born in the Netherlands, but from the age of 6 years old, her parents decided to move back to Japan. From that time it was Saeka's dream to travel to the beautiful Netherlands together with her boyfriend. Thus, right after the wedding day the bride and groom took their flight to Holland! I met them in an...

Wil Je Mijn Man Zijn?

It’s like a heart dancing on tiptoe. Nicole is from the USA, Wim is Dutch. They met at the University of Amsterdam and fell in love at first sight! Today is the third anniversary of their relationship and Nicole has prepared a surprise for Wim! Nicole carefully thought out and prepared everything in advance: rented a magnificent ancient room in one of the canal houses on the Keizerchraght (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), arranged the musicians,...