Amsterdam’s diversity plays a key role in making it a hub of creativity and inspiration. It is a city with a rich tradition of embracing different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and exotic flavours. Trough centuries Amsterdam gained the ability to flawlessly blend differences into its own cultural mixture. The goal of this photo project is to preserve the natural continuity of this process by exhibiting the tiniest building elements of the city’s prosperous mixture.

In order to understand a composition, one needs to dissolve it. To achieve this understanding, a sharp contrast is created by exposing raw and exotic ethnical backgrounds of the city’s citizens on picturesque city canals enhanced by typical Dutch architecture. Such contrast does not only lead to stunning imagery, but also grants us with the ability to understand what we should cherish in our daily city lives, especially in times of social unrest.

If you are proud to represent your ethnical background of the city’s diverse mixture, achieving this photo project is impossible without your contribution.

Would you like to be a part or receive additional information, feel free to contact me!

Please notice: participants of this project are photographed in their own traditional clothing; makeup is arranged on behalf of the photographer by a professional makeup artist.


multicultural amsterdam guinea

“Suriname – Indian – Muslim”

suriname indian muslim beauty

“Canada – Metis – Red River Jig”

Multicultural Amsterdam - Canadian Metis Red River Jig


Vietnamese Beauty in Amsterdam







“Peru – Iquitos”


“Iran – Kurd”




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