Riding:  The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

Horses are absolutely an amazing creation in the world. They are graceful, stately and with so kind eyes. For thousands of years they faithfully serve man. They symbolize wisdom, agility and courage. To see in the dream a beautiful horses means to have a success and prosperity in your life.

It is true that horses have a great psychological effect on the human body by making it stronger from inside. In the process of communicating with the horse relieves stress. During riding man is falling to the rhythm of the horse. Moving in the same rhythm, the rider and the horse feel and trust each other’s. Moreover, they become the greatest friends!

Look into the horse’s eye, they are so deep and can tell us more then we can imagine.


Storytelling lifestyle portrait photography in Ede, the Netherlands.
Makeup & hair artist: Maroussia