Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say

Speaking to an Amsterdammer fashionista Sarah Adar.

First of all, please share a bit about you, your fashion and how you get into it?

Sarah: Hello, everyone! I am originally from Morocco and I moved to Amsterdam six months ago. Immediately I fell in love with this city, fashion… everything and everywhere. I believe that our style is a way to uncover and come to grips with who we are. So, if I have to describe my style, it would be casual yet edgy. I always tend to like basic colors such as navy, white, khaki and pink, which kinda reflect my personality. I like things to be simple with a pinch of bling. I believe that less is more.

Who’s the most exciting and inspirational for you in fashion?

Sarah: I think that my inspiration comes from everything and everyone around me. I love following other bloggers and see different styles, it gives me a lot of ideas to try out. My secret is to experiment sometimes very different click together when you try them on. Sometimes very different things click together only when you try them on.

Why did you move to Amsterdam?

Sarah: I moved from Morocco to Amsterdam for my studies. Moreover, the fashion world here is just amazing! Totally different from the style in Morocco! It is very nice to see that every place has its own fashion world. Everyone rocks his own style, so much inspiration on the street. Amsterdam itself is so amazing and beautiful, I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.


What brands do you prefer and why?

Sarah: Moroccan fashion isn’t really interesting for me. I like all brands from H&M to Nike because my style depends on my mood. I strongly believe that whatever you wear it should, first of all, feel comfortable.