Marriage anniversary photoshoot during stunning sunset time in romantic Amsterdam.

Andreea and Andrei are from Romania. The couple moved to the Netherlands from London two years ago. Andreea and Andrei are planning to stay in Holland a few years more and after that to relocate somewhere to Asia.

Today is Andreea and Andrei’s 5 year marriage anniversary! “We love Amsterdam! We find this city extremely romantic and we are so happy to live and to celebrate our 5th year of the wedding here! – Andreea says – “I wanted to do something unique for this anniversary and at one I got an idea that it should be a photosession in a street walking romantic style. I wanted to surprise my husband with an hour photoshoot before that we will go to the restaurant. I was thinking of Jordaan area, on the beautiful canals and streets, perhaps near a park so we can capture beautiful autumnal nature as well and if we are lucky, it would be perfect if the weather isn’t cloudy, so it could be a beautiful sunset sky and the last rays of sunshine”.