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Category: Travel

Amalfi Coast & Province of Salerno, Italy

Guide through picturesque Amalfi Coast. Travel with me 198 km stretch from Sorrento until hidden Cala Bianca and check encircles sky-kissing cliffs with deep valleys, gorgeous landscapes of olive groves and lemons. This section is currently available only in Russian, but photographs say more than a thousand...

Seville & Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is incredible! It’s East without poison and is West without busyness. And every day you will see new miracles. Federico García Lorca Let me invite you on a picturesque tour of Andalusia – the most southern, the hottest and the most Spanish province from all other provinces. It is also dreamy, full of drama, passion and mysticism. A diverse and ancient country, a country with all these captivating-pensive people which do not expect...

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague doesn't let newcomers sleep. It circles in an uncomplicated dance & unveils her secret to her guests in the measure of their inquisitiveness. Creative photography embarks on a colorful discovery of Prague's hidden gems, memorizing the city's vivid autumn colours. Join me on the travel blog. This section is only available in Russian, but photographs say more than a thousand...